How to get reviews on Apple Podcasts?

Pol Rodríguez
reviews en apple podcast

Asking for reviews on Apple Podcasts during your podcast episodes doesn't work. But this does. no funciona. Lo siento, es así.

During a long time, podcasters have dedicated efforts to ask for reviews in our episodes, and the result has been, to say the least, discreet... even null. It's similar to what happens with ads. Listeners' ears no longer hear our CTAs (Call to Action).

Certainly, you may have garnered some reviews for your podcast over time, but consistently getting reviews to appear on your podcast is challenging. de forma constante en tu podcast.

And this matters a lot because it's one of the indicators that count in Apple Podcasts' ranking algorithm. If you have periodic reviews over time, it's easier to maintain an interesting position in the rankings.

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It's Normal

Think about it, it's normal... Most of us listen to podcasts while doing other things: washing dishes, cooking at home, exercising, walking the dog, driving the car... or even with kids at home when doing anything is more complicated.

If you're washing dishes, you're not going to dry your hands to grab your phone , open Apple Podcasts , and then write an inspired review. It's too much effort.

Getting your listeners to move from audio (listening to the podcast) to writing a few words on Apple Podcasts is a significant leap. There are many opportunities to get lost along the way.

This is why it doesn't work no funciona. Or works minimally.

Getting Reviews on Apple Podcasts

But there's a strategy that does work , and you can execute it in 4 simple steps. Here it is:

  • One: Share your new episode on social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Shorts... I'm sure you already do this regularly, so it won't require extra effort.
  • Two: Wait a few days for the internet to work its magic and your content to reach an interesting audience.
  • Three: Identify those who have commented on or shared the episode on social media.
  • Four: Send a direct message (DM) to all the people who have commented on or shared the episode, thanking them for listening and kindly asking for a review on Apple Podcasts. If you can add the link to make the task easier, even better.

And that's it. It's that simple.

I guarantee you'll get many more 5-star reviews for your podcast on Apple Podcasts using this strategy than you would in ten years of asking for them in episodes.

It's a manual strategy that will require some time, but it's very effective for consistently obtaining good reviews on Apple Podcasts. This can help boost your podcast in the rankings.

Ultimately, you're reaching out to listeners who regularly listen to you and value your content, so it's much easier for them to leave a good review.

Moreover, your listeners will appreciate being able to engage with you and support your podcast in a more active way. Often, they want to do so but don't know how. This approach is simple and effective.

And that's the tip for now. In the upcoming weeks, we hope to share more advice.

By the way, if you're a content creator, join the content entrepreneurs' community we've organized at Mumbler. We're almost 300 members already.

Best regards!

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