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Alex Llull began his studies in audiovisual communication because he enjoyed communicating and wanted to get closer to the world of social media. He ended up working in the advertising industry and jumped between agencies for almost five years, primarily managing accounts for brands that worked with content creators.

In May/June 2020, during the peak of the pandemic, the multinational agency where Alex worked decided to close its Madrid office, and Alex found himself without a job.

It was then that, drawing on his five years of experience in marketing and social media, he seized the opportunity to grow his personal profile. with the idea of using them as a portfolio starting in the summer of 2020.

Alex Llull's Entry into the "Creator Economy"

Following the initial success of his content on Twitter, he began to work by providing services as a "ghostwriter" for companies and content creators.

Alex decided to enter the content creator world using English because it was the language he used in his professional environment.

Alex has used Twitter to build his audience from the start, but he didn't stop there and decided to take his audience a step further, by directing them towards his newsletter

You can learn about Alex's story in detail in the interview we conducted with him on the Mumbler podcast:

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The Steal Club: Start and Growth

In his newsletter Alex Llull observes the strategies of creators who successfully grow and monetize their audiences and "steals" them for his own content, hence the name The Steal Club.

The newsletter has evolved into an online hub where you can see all the tactics and strategies that creators are using to grow their businesses. 

The newsletter has more than 6.000 suscribersThe growth has come mainly from social media, but he has also successfully used other strategies such as cross-promotions with other newsletters in the nich.

This second strategy is yielding high conversion rates and a very good quality of subscribers. Additionally, it allows him to meet other interesting creators and build personal connections.

He is now testing LinkedIn as a new lever to grow his audience.

His content system starts with the newsletter he publishes each week. He then uses the content from the newsletter to create additional content that helps him achieve more reach and direct more audience towards his newsletter. 

Once he has the audience subscribed to his newsletter, he can sell content, services, digital products, and more. He uses social media as the top of the funnel and the newsletter as a conversion tool.

Alex Llull Creator Heist

Revenue: From Services to Digital Products

Alex has monetized his content in many ways:

  • Ebooks
  • Short videos
  • An even a memebership

Currently, his main product is his tactics library "stolen" to grow and monetize audiences.

Despite this, for now, services constitute the majority of Alex's income. His ultimate goal is to ensure that the 75% of his income comes from selling digital products and 25% from services, although currently the numbers are reversed.

Currently, his revenue is four times what he earned as a salaried employee. He aims to reach six figures in 2024 and enjoys the freedom that comes with working for himself.

Creator Heist

Following a tweet in which Alex Llull mentioned that he would like to create a podcast as an excuse to have conversations with interesting people in the creator industry, the idea for Creator Heist was born. 

A podcast where top creators reveal their proven strategies for growing an audience and monetizing it.

Each episode features a different creator who shares their most successful strategies. If you're looking for practical and straightforward advice on how to build and monetize audiences, "Creator Heist" it's what you're looking for.

Listen on Mumbler.

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