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9+1 Ways to Make Money with Your Content. Learn how to monetize with this email course. 

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34 creators reveal their secrets: strategies for success and mistakes they won't make again.

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Learn for free how to launch a lasting podcast. Get your first 100 listeners.

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Free email course: Design, produce, and launch your subscription podcast in 10 days.

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Questions that you may have

Who are we?

We are the team behind, a tool designed for content creators looking to host, distribute, and monetize their audio content. If you've been exploring options to enhance your presence and profitability in the digital audio world, you've likely heard about our solutions.

Can we give advice on monetizing and distributing audio?

Great question. In a world where many offer solutions without a real focus, it's natural to have doubts.

What sets our team apart is that we are deeply committed to the evolution of the audio industry. Every team member has either hosted paid audio content or has helped many other creators do the same. 

We have direct experience across a variety of niches and target audiences, which has allowed us to develop not just as a hosting platform, but as a comprehensive ecosystem that includes marketing tools such as customized creator pages, promotional codes, and newsletters.

I want to grow my audience and income with my audio content. What do I do?

If that's your goal, you're in the right place. We suggest starting by exploring our marketing features, such as creator pages, which allow you to customize your brand and connect directly with your listeners. Additionally, use our promotional codes to attract and retain a loyal audience and boost subscriptions.

You can also use the newsletter tool to keep your audience informed and engaged. Everything we offer is designed to maximize your impact without additional complications.

We also invite you to try, which includes a free plan. Thus, there's really no risk in starting to explore all these functionalities.

Is monetizing audio just about gaining more listeners?

Definitely not. Although the number of listeners is important, at we believe that the key lies in the quality of those listeners and in the ability to convert them into subscribers and customers who generate real and sustainable revenue for you.

Effective audio monetization goes beyond numbers; it's about creating a community of listeners who value your work and are willing to support you financially.

I donÔÇÖt have much time to dedicate to managing my audio content. What are the basics?

We understand that time is a precious resource. Here we offer you a summary of the essential aspects so you can get started without hassle:

1. Define your niche: Choose a specific topic that you are passionate about and can consistently commit to.

2. Use our marketing tools: Set up your creator page, take advantage of promotional codes to attract subscribers, and use our newsletters to keep your audience engaged.

3. Publish regularlyConsistency is key to building and maintaining an audience.

4. Interact with your listeners: Use feedback and comments functions to better understand your audience and tailor your content to their interests.

5. Monetize intelligently: Explore different monetization models we offer, from subscription podcasts to selling audio courses or audiobooks, and even donations.

With these basic steps and our tools, you can start to transform your passion for audio into a viable and rewarding source of income.

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