Create podcasts that connect with your audience.

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No one can imagine releasing a podcast with just 2 episodes

90% of podcast creators don't make it past the third episode, and only 1% reach 21 episodes. It's time to fix this and harness the power of podcasting.

Learn for free how to launch a podcast that lasts more than a few days.

Create human connections with your listeners

Listeners spend hours with you every week, listening to you. They feel like they know you. They engage with what you do. They form an opinion.

Build a community and make money

With a podcast, a community forms around you, you gain authority in your field, and over time, business opportunities or sponsorships come your way.

Aprende a crear un p├│dcast sostenible y potente

"Your First 100 Listeners" is a course where you will learn for free how to develop a proven, agile, and sensible creation system that rewards effort while reducing complications. Whether you are a podcaster for fun or professionally, you need more listeners!

More quality community, attract more like-minded listeners

Position yourself as a leader in your market niche

Gain more opportunities thanks to your content

Open a more efficient marketing strategy

More long-term monetization options

La Málaga Gromenauer - Portada

Amit T.

La Málaga Gromenauer

The TP100 Podcast course provides a comprehensive and complete overview of how to start a podcast project. Undoubtedly, a key tool for success.

Toni - Sayonara Baby


Sayonara Baby

In just a few simple steps and with well-paced information, you receive guidelines that are easy to apply in practice. Would I recommend it? Absolutely.

Fercatodic - TP100


Caf├ę con Podcast

I'm following this course step by step, and you might be wondering, "Have you succeeded?" And I'll respond with one of the (magic) phrases from this course: Making podcasts is a marathon, not a sprint (but you can already feel the results).


Program Description

With "Your First 100 Listeners," you will develop a straightforward personal creation system. You'll learn the proven step-by-step process and the minimal actions for long-lasting podcasts. !

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A solid training with a modest goal: your first 100 listeners.

It's not a lot, but it's not a small number eitherÔÇömoderate yet earned. It's just enough to motivate us and work enthusiastically!
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One email, one lesson, essential tasks.

A community

Share your progress, resolve doubts, and celebrate successes on Mumbler's Telegram channel.

Podcasting is a marathon. Surround yourself with creators like yourself to gain momentum, ideas, and feedback.

"Your First 100 Listeners": the method to launch a podcast that lasts.

A creation system with micro-tasks to create a podcast aligned with your goals and a community of podcasters to help you grow.

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