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When we discovered Oriol Roda a few months ago, we were amazed by the 60,000 subscribers to his newsletter. But we were even more amazed when, after just 3 months, the number had already surpassed 70,000.

The Beginnings: Mammoth Hunters

Oriol began his journey in the world of content with Mammoth Hunters, a company that combined training apps with educational content about health. 

It was precisely the creation of content that catapulted Mammoth Hunters to success. Through a dedicated blog and a good SEO strategy, Oriol and his team managed to get key articles to reach over one and a half million visits, establishing the company as an authority in the health niche. keto diet.

One of the most notable achievements was the development of an automated sales funnel that generated up to €100,000 per year passively. This system was based on a free course about the keto diet that introduced users to a sequence of emails culminating in significant sales. 

In addition, Oriol implemented seasonal marketing campaigns that maximized conversions at key times of the year, such as the start of the new year, the summer season, and the back-to-school period. These are times when people set significant goals like learning languages, losing weight, or getting in better shape.

You can learn more about Oriol's story in detail in the interview we did with him on the Mumbler podcast:

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The Post-Mammoth Hunters Stage

After closing Mammoth Hunters, Oriol created a new course called "Keto strategy" and began writing a book on the topic with his former partner, leveraging his knowledge and previous experience to continue educating and motivating people interested in a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, Oriol has expanded his influence into the broader digital world through his newsletter and a new podcast. These platforms have allowed him to explore in greater depth topics such as health, wellness, and longevity, as well as discuss other interests like critical thinking and cognitive biases.

Oriol's multichannel strategy, which includes a blog, Instagram, ads, and now podcasts and newsletters, illustrates a comprehensive approach that not only educates but also builds a strong community. 

Content Projects

Currently, Oriol makes a living entirely from his content, which includes: 

  • A paid newsletter on Substack 
  • A podcast "Gente interesante," which monetizes through sponsorships.  
  • His book "Salud Keto," which ranks high in the health categories on Amazon. 
  • And selling digital products

Una de los productos digitales que ha tenido más éxito, es su audiocurso “Optimiza tu salud con estrategia Keto” alojado en Mumbler. Hablemos de él.

Audio course: Optimize your health with keto strategy

Oriol launched this audio course on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, with a special offer, and the following Sunday, April 28, the offer ended with sales exceeding €11,000. 

It is a course designed to help you eliminate fat, increase your vitality, and improve your mental energy in a sustainable and uncomplicated way through ketosis. 

The course currently includes: 

  • 25 episodes forever: expanding content with a guarantee of updates.
  • A 28-day nutrition plan where Oriol guides you step-by-step through each meal.
  • An evolution of the content based on community feedback: future updates and access to events and launches with preferred conditions.

And at the time of the launch, it also included dos extras que los compradores disfrutaron durante el mes de mayo de 2024: un grupo de Telegram y la asesoría de una nutricionista. 

Para lanzar el curso, Oriol planteó una estrategia basada en crear una lista de espera a pre-launch list (a list of interested individuals) that Oriol later targeted with a sequence of emails over 5 days.

The strategy was complemented by generating loss aversion, because the two bonus items for the audio course were only accessible during those first 5 days.

The campaign was an overwhelming success, as evidenced by its spectacular figures, and managed to generate more than €11,000. 

If you're thinking about launching an audiocourse, you now have a model to follow.

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