What is a podcast network and what advantages does it offer?

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Joining a podcast network can benefit your content in various ways:

  • Collaboration and expanded reach.
  • Monetization opportunities.
  • Support and shared resources.

Before delving into the advantages of joining such networks, let's first understand what they are and how they operate.

What is a podcast network?

A podcast network is a platform or community that brings together multiple podcasts under the same organizational umbrella.

Instead of each podcast operating independently, members of a podcast network collaborate and share resources to achieve common goals such as joint production, promotion, advertising sales, and monetization of programs.

Due to their characteristics, this type of networks are an ideal space for podcasters who are just starting out and looking to expand their audience or monetize their content more effectively.

It's also important to note that podcasting networks can be general, covering a wide range of topics, or thematic, focusing on a specific niche of content.

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How does a podcast network work?

A podcast network functions as a platform for collaboration and support for content creators. colaboración y apoyo for content creators. 

While each network operates differently according to its characteristics, we can highlight some common points:

1. Podcast Aggregation:

Podcast networks bring together various podcasts under the same organizational umbrella. This allows content creators to benefit from the synergy created by working together.

2. Joint Production and Promotion:

Within a podcast network, members often collaborate in content production, sharing resources such as recording equipment, audio editors, and talent. Additionally, they promote each other to expand the audience of each individual podcast.

3. Shared Monetization:

Podcast networks can facilitate the sale of advertising and sponsorship agreements on behalf of their members. By consolidating the audience of multiple podcasts, networks can attract advertisers who might not otherwise consider investing in smaller programs individually.

4. Support and Resources:

Podcast networks often offer a variety of resources and services to support their members, which may include training in content production, guidance on growth strategies, and access to audience analytics tools.

5. Community and Networking:

Being part of a podcast network also provides a community of peers with whom podcasters can connect, collaborate, and learn. This can be invaluable for content creators seeking to improve their skills and grow their audience.

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How does a thematic podcast network work?

A thematic podcast network focuses on a specific topic or niche, bringing together content creators and audiences who share common interests.

Some common characteristics of this type of networks include:

1. Focus on a specific theme:

A thematic podcast network focuses on a particular topic, such as sports, technology, movies, health, among others. This allows podcasters to connect with a specific audience that shares common interests.

2. Careful selection of podcasts:

Thematic podcast networks often carefully select the podcasts that will be part of the network, ensuring they are aligned with the main theme and maintain a certain level of quality in their content.

3. Consistency in programming:

Within a thematic podcast network, programs usually have consistency in their theme and style. This helps maintain audience attention and build a recognizable brand in the niche.

4. Collaboration and synergy between podcasts:

Members of a thematic podcast network collaborate with each other, sharing knowledge, resources, and audience. This collaboration may include participation in cross-promotional episodes, mutual promotion, and the creation of events or joint projects related to the central theme.

5. Specialized monetization:

Thematic podcast networks may offer specialized monetization opportunities, such as sponsorship agreements with companies related to the main theme, selling related products or services, or organizing live events targeting the niche-specific audience.

Being part of a thematic podcast network will bring you closer to your target audience and creators who share your vision, allowing you to engage in different types of collaborations.

What are the benefits of being part of a podcast network?

As we're explaining, joining a podcast network can have many benefits for content creators.

Here are just a few:

1. Greater visibility and reach:

Being part of a podcast network can increase a program's visibility and reach, as members promote each other and benefit from the network's consolidated audience.

2. Collaboration and peer support:

Podcasters within a network can collaborate, share resources and knowledge, and provide mutual support in the content creation and promotion process.

3. Monetization opportunities:

Podcast networks can facilitate content monetization through advertising and sponsorship agreements, selling related products or services, and other forms of revenue generation that may be more accessible to members than operating independently.

4. Access to resources and tools:

Being part of a podcast network can provide access to resources and tools that may be expensive or difficult to obtain for individual podcasters, such as high-quality recording equipment, audio editing services, audience analytics, and professional advice.

5. Professional and personal growth:

Interacting with other podcasters and industry professionals within a network can provide learning and professional growth opportunities, as well as personal connections that can enrich the content creator's experience.

6. Fostering diversity and inclusion:

Podcast networks often value diversity of perspectives and voices, which can foster an inclusive and enriching environment for all members, as well as for audiences consuming the content.

It's clear that being part of a podcast network offers a range of benefits that go beyond what most podcasters could achieve individually.

However, before making the decision, it may be wise to consider some of the limitations that being part of such networks may have.

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5 reasons why you might not want to join a podcast network

While there are many benefits to being part of a podcast network, you may also encounter some limitations when it comes to continuing to grow.

Here are some of them:

1. Loss of creative control:

Joining a podcast network may require you to relinquish some creative control over your program, whether in terms of content, format, or overall direction. While your podcast may evolve, grow, and change over time, you must ensure that your content is not excluded from the network for covering new topics of interest.

2. Limitations on monetization:

While podcast networks can offer monetization opportunities, they may also impose restrictions or commissions on the revenue generated by your program. If your podcast's growth exceeds that of the network overall, you may encounter challenges in generating sponsorship contracts independently.

3. Lack of alignment with the network's vision or values:

It's important to ensure that the vision and values of the podcast network are aligned with yours before joining. Your content creation goals may change over time and become misaligned with the rest of the network.

4. Commitment or exclusivity requirements:

Some podcast networks may require an exclusive or long-term commitment from their members, which could limit your ability to collaborate with other platforms or develop independent projects. Once again, the benefits that may drive your content in its early stages may become a barrier to continuing growth.

5. Ability to grow independently:

Some content creators may feel they are capable of achieving their growth and monetization goals independently, without joining a podcast network. It's also possible that your content evolves into something else and the podcast network hasn't considered it within its original parameters.

As we've discussed in previous articles, creators' goals and needs evolve over time. In this case, being part of a podcast network can be a great boost to being discovered by an audience but a limitation when it comes to continuing to grow.

However, there's no way to know for sure in advance, and the best thing you can do is to take it into account to make better decisions.

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Examples of Popular Podcast Networks

There are numerous podcast networks that have gained popularity and recognition in the podcasting community.

Here are some notable examples in English:

1. Gimlet Media:

Founded in 2014, Gimlet Media is one of the most influential podcast networks, known for original productions such as "Reply All," "StartUp," and "The Pitch." In 2019, it was acquired by Spotify, allowing it to expand its reach and resources.

2. Radiotopia:

Radiotopia is an independent podcast network known for its focus on high-quality productions and narrative storytelling. Some of its most popular programs include "99% Invisible," "Criminal," and "Ear Hustle."

3. Wondery:

Wondery is known for its immersive and addictive narrative audio productions. Among its successes are "Dirty John," "Dr. Death," and "Business Wars." In 2020, it was acquired by Amazon Music, consolidating its position in the market.

Y por supuesto que también existen redes de podcasts en español:

1. Cuonda

Cuonda is an independent Spanish podcast network that allows you to discover podcasts from different creators and topics. Among other things, creators who are part of this network benefit from joint promotion and group sponsorship agreements.

2. Podcastidae

Podcastidae is a podcast network that includes various content about science, environment, and nature. In addition to benefiting from common commercial agreements, the content of this network reaches an audience eager to discover content that helps them reflect on committed and complex issues.

3. Emilcar FM

One of the longest-standing podcast networks in Spanish. Among other things, the programs that are part of Emilcar FM benefit from the boost that Emilio Cano, its founder, usually gives to their content, helping them achieve significant audience numbers.

These are just a few examples of popular podcast networks that have achieved great success in the podcasting industry.

Each of them has its own focus, style, and program catalog, but they share the common goal of providing high-quality content to their audiences.

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Take your content further by joining a podcast network

As we've seen, podcast networks allow creators to unify efforts to create and grow their content much more effectively.

While being part of such a network can foster engagement with other podcasters or facilitate content monetization, it's important to note that, in the medium term, it may also present some limitations..

However, at Mumbler, we can't help but recommend that you inform yourself with the managers of each of these networks (and any others) to fully understand the scope and benefits that these types of alliances can have for your podcasts.

Undoubtedly, over the years, podcasting networks have become one of the main gears through which podcasting has become one of the fastest-growing and evolving content industries.

And perhaps you too can benefit from their impact.

Don't forget, if you have a podcast (or a podcast network), you can rely on all the features of Mumbler to enhance your content.

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