6 Ways to Promote and Sell a Book on Mumbler

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Selling a book is by no means an easy task. Standing out among so many other writers is even more challenging.

Moreover, getting a publishing house to choose your work and launch it with fanfare has become so difficult that self-publishing has become one of the most effective methods for showcasing the works of thousands of independent authors. self-publishing has become one of the most effective methods for showcasing the works of thousands of independent authors.

In the current digital era, online book sales are a vital component for content creators and I'm confident that Mumbler is one of the most comprehensive tools for sharing your stories and knowledge with the rest of the world.

The ability to reach a global audience and sell a book directly has transformed the way writers share their stories and how audiences consume content.

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How to sell my new book?

It is becoming increasingly common to combine different content formats (physical, digital, and audiovisual) when promoting new works.

Plataformas como Audible, se especializan en la selling popular books in audio format, narrated either by the authors themselves or by voice actors or professional narrators.

Selling your stories in the form of an audiobook allows you to bypass intermediaries, reduce costs, and avoid commissions..

Additionally, you can also provide a copy of your work in both digital and physical formats to anyone who purchases your audiobook.

And the best part is that you can handle payments directly, maintaining strict control over your earnings and establishing a close relationship with your audience to communicate with them at any time.

Publishing a new book? Participating in a conference? Signing copies at your city's book fair?

By having information about who your customers are, you will be able to directly inform your readers.

Your customers belong to you and no one else.

How to sell a book that I already have published?

It's also possible that you've made a great effort to self-publish a book.

You may have even caught the attention of a small publishing house to print a few copies of your work.

However, reaching your target audience and achieving the expected sales is not at all easy without proper promotion.

The consumption of audiobooks has skyrocketed in recent years, and having an audio version of your work helps you reach audiences who are highly inclined to discover new authors..

Publish your audiobook directly to make yourself known and start making money from the work you have already done.

Undoubtedly, after getting to know your story, a large part of your audience will be interested in acquiring one of those printed copies that you still have in their packaging.

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How to promote and sell my upcoming book?

Few things are as effective in selling a book as opening the door of your office to your future audience.

Publish a podcast talking about your writing process: what inspires you, the challenges you encounter, or share exclusive previews for the listeners of your podcast.

Several studies have shown that launching a podcast is one of the best ways to make yourself known and build loyalty with your audience..

People who witness your creative process will be more inclined to buy your book when it's ready.

As a personal example, I've been discussing The Walking Dead for years on a weekly podcast with a very loyal audience. One of my mid-term goals is to write a book about this series.

I am confident that the first ones to buy it, even before it's published, will be the listeners of this podcast.

How to tell the world that I'm writing a book?

The imposter syndrome affects us all. Yes, even me when it comes to writing this article.

However, they say this happens when we are stepping out of our comfort zone and doing something worthwhile.

In Mumbler, you can also create a creator page para que las personas que te sigan descubran  todos los contenidos que generas.

If you have already made any publications or have experience in the field, this is the ideal place to share it with the world. As you create new content or launch new books, podcasts, or audiobooks, you can add them here to keep your digital portfolio always up to date.

Establish direct contact with your audience

Newsletters were once trendy, then fell out of favor, and in recent years, they have become one of the most important marketing tools.

Tener una Newsletter es la mejor manera de establecer un contacto directo con tu audiencia.

Having many followers on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok is great, but all it takes is one bad day for Mr. Elon Musk, and everything can go to sh*t.

Initiate direct contact with your followers through a newsletter where you can share your content, opinions, or updates on the work you are currently undertaking.

Talk about books, share posts from other authors, or review classic works to demonstrate your passion for literature or your expertise on a specific topic.

This way, you can connect with people whose interests align with yours and who are willing to buy your book once it's published.

En ese aspecto, también son una herramienta muy efectiva para realizar lanzamientos.

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How to have a successful book launch?

Conduct an email marketing campaign to keep your audience informed of the latest news.

Offer exclusive discounts through promotional codes from Mumbler to your subscribers, create a countdown, or generate a pre-order list before the launch.

For this, you have various tools, including Mumbler, where, in addition to publishing your podcast or audiobook, you can also run email marketing campaigns that directly reach the inbox from your audience.

In conclusion, as I mentioned at the beginning, writing and selling a book or audiobook is not an easy task.

However, with the tools provided by Mumbler, making your book known, selling it, and starting to make moneys from your content becomes much easier.

Do you have a written book and still don't know how to sell it?

Dare to publish it on Mumbler and then tell me what happens.

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