Benefits of creating a podcast if you have an NGO

Leo Menéndez
Beneficios de crear un podcast para tu ONG

Do you have an NGO? Here are three ways a podcast can strengthen and boost your project:

  1. Expand audiences
  2. Promote engagement
  3. Support fundraising

Over the past few weeks, Pol Rodríguez has been meeting with individuals involved in the daily work of various NGOs.

The reason? The same as always: podcasting.

Or, more precisely, finding the best way for an NGO to benefit from this format to connect with all kinds of audiences aspiring to make a change in the world.

The conclusion of these meetings, including several audio projects already in production, has been turned into an article from which you too can benefit.

Let's take a look!

These are the challenges that NGOs face:

We won't reinvent the wheel, but before we delve into the reasons that might motivate an NGO to launch a podcast, it's worth pausing to consider the real challenges that these types of organizations face.

Some of the most significant challenges that NGOs encounter, and where podcasting can become their best ally, include the following:

  1. Insufficient fundingy: Many NGOs rely on donations and external funding to operate. A lack of funds can limit their ability to carry out programs and projects, as well as to maintain their ongoing operations.
  2. Financial sustainability: In addition to initial funding, NGOs need to secure ongoing financing to sustain their projects in the long term. Dependence on donations can make financial sustainability a constant challenge.
  3. Human resource management: Finding and retaining qualified and committed staff can be a challenge for many NGOs. Effective management of staff, volunteers, and collaborators is crucial to the organization's success.
  4. Accountability and transparency: Expectations for accountability and transparency are high for NGOs, especially regarding the effective and ethical use of donated funds. Lack of transparency can undermine public trust and negatively affect the organization's reputation.
  5. Competition and collaboration: In some sectors and areas of work, there may be intense competition among different NGOs for limited resources and recognition. At the same time, collaboration between organizations can be essential for addressing complex issues and maximizing impact.

Now, let's see how you can leverage podcasting to overcome these challenges in the best possible way.

Beneficios de crear un podcast para tu ONG -

Expand the reach and visibility of your NGO with a podcast

By creating a podcast, NGOs transcend any geographical barriers , reaching audiences that might otherwise not have access to their message. In fact, by engaging in quality podcasting, NGOs strengthen brand recognition and build a solid presence in the digital space.

It's no coincidence that nearly any company with aspirations less altruistic than those of an NGO considers the possibility of including podcasting as a marketing tool.

Doesn't your NGO have a message worthy of sharing and amplifying?

A podcast might just be the best way to do it.

Through compelling storytelling, discussing relevant topics, and engaging in meaningful conversations on a podcast, your NGO connects with its audience and cultivates lasting relationships with them.

In the midst of today's information overload, capturing the audience's attention to deliver your NGO's message is a barrier that podcasting has proven to overcome with flying colors.

Audio goes straight to your audience's ears and becomes great company during moments of solitude and contemplation such as work, daily commutes, or household chores.

A unique opportunity for your NGO's message to be heard without interference.

Crear un podcast para tu ONG -

Connecting with diverse and captivating audiences

Podcasting is also a valuable opportunity to connect with all kinds of audiences in an intimate and personalized way.

Through the production of audio content, your NGO attracts followers who are not familiar with your work, as well as engages specific audiences with shared interests and values.

From social and environmental issues to human rights and community development, NGOs, through podcasting, educate and inform their audience about a variety of important topics.

Furthermore, this format fosters meaningful connections by providing a space for open discussion and the exchange of ideas. By inviting experts, activists, and community members to participate in the program, your NGO creates an enriching dialogue that promotes understanding and empathy towards the causes it supports.

In this way, you not only deliver the message directly to the community's ears but also raise awareness about the issues you combat and foster responsibility in people who listen to the podcast for the first time.

This is how a community of committed members is built, who spread your message, provide support, and participate in all kinds of actions you propose.

Donaciones para tu ONG con un podcast -

Educating and informing about relevant topics

According to several studies, a large number of people who listen to podcasts do so to learn new things..

This strengthens our belief that podcasting is an excellent tool for spreading the message of your NGO..

Throughout the world, there are various issues that are overlooked by governmental entities and mainstream media.

That's the space your NGO's podcast should occupy.

With a simple educational action in audio format, awareness of the issue your NGO faces spreads through your audience's headphones.

This is how you generate awareness and responsibility while encouraging action in response to this issue. Your NGO becomes a direct reference point for people discovering this matter and positions itself at the top of the mind from your audience.

This is something that big brands understand well but is not always considered by NGOs.

Aloja tu podcast -

Driving participation and activism

Through a podcast, your NGO has successfully disseminated its message and raised awareness about the cause that motivates your day-to-day work.

Now it's time to effect change and drive participation and activism from your audience.

We've talked about how a podcast reaches directly to their ears and shares long moments of silence spreading a message and raising awareness. Through this same relationship, you can incentivize participation and activism within your community.

Telling stories that mobilize listeners, presenting specific cases, and sharing the testimonies of those who already contribute to your NGO are crucial for those who have not yet become involved with your organization to want to do so.

There's nothing better than hearing, through the voices of the protagonists themselves, the real reasons that drive your NGO to engage with certain issues.

Detailed information about these specific actions and their immediate consequences turns the impact your audience can make by getting involved with your NGO into something real and tangible.

Atraer donaciones para tu ONG con un podcast -

Raising funds and generating support

We've listed fundraising as one of the challenges that any NGO faces.

In this sense, podcasting is not just another simple channel of dissemination. On the contrary, it is one of the most important means for establishing a call to action that allows you to raise funds and garner new support.

You have launched a new podcast through which you are spreading your message and amplifying awareness of the impact your NGO is making on society.

You have a committed community of listeners who follow the publication of your audio content week by week to stay informed about the latest developments and the change you are generating through different actions.

This audience discovers not only the people you help but also those who are part of this action. Volunteers, organizers, and other stakeholders step in front of the microphone to share feelings and experiences from their daily work.

The people who listen to your podcast know what you do, who does it, and whom you help. They are committed to your NGO's actions.

It's time to make a call to action!

Podcasting is one of the media that generates the strongest bond between creators and listeners.

By fostering a personal and committed connection between the two, calls to action are answered by your most engaged audience, and when it comes to relevant topics like those addressed by an NGO, the response is swift.

The audience knows you, knows your NGO, and who comprises it. They know who you help and how you do it. They clearly understand that any contribution has a significant impact on the society you aim to impact.

There's no doubt that a podcast will also help you to raise funds and garner support more easily..

Furthermore, it's an excellent tool for being accountable to those who are already supporting you.

By clearly informing about the expenses incurred and the impact achieved with each of them, you not only satisfy those who already contribute to your organization but also build trust among those who are still considering doing so.

So, are you going to launch a podcast for your NGO?

To add something, podcasting is not just another medium through which your NGO can convey its message to a wider and more engaged audience. It's an effective way to engage an audience that is searching for new content and causes worth supporting.

And the best part is that the audio market is far from saturated. On the contrary, millions of people around the world discover new creators on podcasting platforms every day.

Undoubtedly, many of these people are eager to hear everything your NGO has to tell them.

Find the best way to do it and go for it. 

As a platform, at Mumbler, we have several features to boost your NGO's podcast and reach large audiences.

Furthermore, if your NGO is accredited, you get 6 months of the PRO plan completely free..

Try it out, and you'll see that we're not mistaken.

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