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patrocinadores para un podcast

Getting sponsors for a podcast is not easy.

When Corti and I mentioned that we had secured two annual sponsors for our podcasts (En.Digital , Planeta M, and Tribucasters) in the 2020-21 season, some listeners asked us how we had achieved it. 

This question inspired us to create a special episode of Tribucasters in which we brought together podcasters who had already secured sponsors and brands that had sponsored podcasts. 

We thought it would be the best way to take a snapshot of the situation. 

The result was a very interesting episode in which we discovered what podcasters do to secure sponsorships and what brands value when deciding to support a podcast. 

Patrocinadores para tu podcast -

Steps to find sponsors for a podcast

After listening to podcasters and brands, we've decided to summarize the steps to follow to get sponsors for a podcast.

Let's go through them!

Make it clear that you're seeking a sponsor

For podcasters and content creators in general, it's challenging to step out of our comfort zones to approach brands. 

A mix of embarrassment and convenience often keeps us inside our comfort zone, hoping that brands will come to us. 

However, I have to tell you that it doesn't work that way. No one will come to your dark cave to invest money in your podcast. So, the sooner you make it clear that you're seeking sponsors, the better. 

Set aside any embarrassment or worries about what others might say and let everyone know that you are looking for a sponsor for your podcast. 

Keep in mind that even if your current audience isn't interested, they might recommend your podcast to others who may be. 

Announce it on your podcast

The podcast is where you have the most loyal audience,making it the perfect place to announce that you are open to advertising on your podcast. 

Reserve space for sponsors 

Another option is to reserve space for advertising from the first episode of your podcast. 

Even if you don't have a sponsor yet, you can promote a friend's business at a low cost in exchange for a testimonial or something else. This strategy accomplishes two things: 

This strategy accomplishes two things: 

  • Demonstrates that you accept sponsorships.
  • Generates some social proof for those considering sponsoring your podcast. If someone else has already done it, it's much easier for others to follow suit. 

Create a sponsorship page

It can also be very useful to create a page on your website or blog where you outline the sponsorship options available. 

This way, you have a page that you can link to from your podcast notes or social media.

Share it frequently; to make sales, you have to be selling all day.

Prepare a presentation or media kit

Something else that is very useful is to have a presentation or media kit for your podcast that includes: 

  • Key IAB metrics. 
  • The podcast's subscriber audience, newsletter audience
  • The visits you have on your website. 
  • Your presence on social media. 
  • Your target audience and demographic data. 
  • Your rankings in the countries where you are present (you can use Podstatus for this). 
  • Your value proposition for brands. 
  • The sponsorship price and the options you offer. 

This document will be tremendously useful for presenting your podcast and making potential sponsors aware of it. 

Use your contacts

Having a good network of contacts is very similar to working on your SEO. It's something that doesn't have an immediate reward but is very profitable in the long run. 

When you decide to offer the option to sponsor your podcast, let all your contacts know so they can help you promote it to as many companies as possible. Surely someone can introduce you via email to reach potential advertisers.

Look for brands that already sponsor

Another interesting approach is to analyze which brands in your industry are already sponsoring blogs, newsletters, other podcasts, influencers, etc. You may find brands that already understand what advertising on a podcast can bring them and, more importantly, have a marketing budget. 

Aloja tu podcast -

Relationship with sponsors

Regarding the relationship with sponsors,there are several aspects that the brands we've talked to have emphasized:

  • Orient sponsorships towards branding to avoid generating expectations that you cannot fulfill. Except for products with very impulsive purchases, the podcast can serve as reinforcement for a strategy that includes other ways to impact the advertiser's potential customer. 
  • You can complement that branding action with a discount code to track sales. It's always better to have well-measured sales.
  • Integrate the sponsor into your content as naturally as possible. Also, give them visibility on social media and other channels available to reach your audience.   
  • Speak well of them whenever you can: in meetings, events, talks, webinars, etc. Become their ambassador. 
  • Occasionally talk to them to adjust messages, stay informed about relevant news, ongoing advertising campaigns, etc.
  • Generate reports periodically to share with your sponsors your numbers and be transparent with them. Tangibilize the value you provide with numbers whenever possible. 
  • If you can, give them more than you promised. Nothing makes a sponsor happier than discovering that you speak well of them in channels and spaces that were not agreed upon. 


Sponsorship is a monetization option that is compatible with other monetization options such as subscription or affiliation, but it won't come alone. 

If you want making money with a podcast and have brands use your podcast as a marketing channel, you have to step out of your comfort zone and take several actions to achieve it: talk about it on your podcast, create a media kit, or create a sponsorship page on your website, for example. 

Get out of your cave. Brands are starting to understand the power that podcasts have as a marketing channel , and it's up to you to decide whether they decide to invest money in yours. 

Monetization through sponsorships is entirely compatible with subscription monetization. If you also want to be independent and make a living from your content, at Mumbler Mumbler, we provide the tools to make it possible.  

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  1. Hola. Soy creador de contenido, podcaster. Busco patrocinadores interesados en poner su publicidad en ellos. Salen en todas las plataformas.

    1. Hola Tomas! Cuenta un poco más cuál es el target de tu podcast, tamaño de la audiencia, qué tipo de publicidad ofreces… Así hay más opciones de que una marca se pueda interesar. Saludos!

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