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on tools for podcasters.

At Mumbler, we are passionate about podcasts, podcasters, and on tools for podcasters. o recursos que nos puedan facilitar la vida.

In this article, you will find the tools and resources available to us for to produce a podcast, editing, publishing, and promoting our podcasts. 

It is the result of collaboration among many podcasters who participated in a survey we conducted on Tribucasters (the podcast for podcasters).

The concept behind this is to create a directory of resources that consistently grows and addresses all the needs that podcasters have, organized into categories.

Let's get started!

Tools for podcasters

Let's start with music and effects, a topic that often gives us a headache. Here are the best tools for podcasters.

Royalty-free and free music and effects for podcasts

In this case, it's about effects and music available for free.

Paid music and sound effects for podcasts

These are paid resources with the advantages that come with it: it's generally more challenging to find the same music or effects in other podcasts because fewer podcasters are paying.

Audiogram generation

We all loveaudiograms, and in this section, you'll discover a variety of tools. They all share similarities but with nuances, so test them until you find the tool that best suits your needs or preferences (as we're all a bit particular about these things)

Audio editing and enhancement

This is the core of this article; in this section, you'll find tools and resources related to audioā€”the holy grail of our podcasts.


For hosting your podcasts, you have various options: paid and free.

  • Anchor: free with automatic distribution.
  • Ivoox: free with manual distribution.
  • Spreaker: paid with automatic distribution.
  • Transistor: paid with automatic distribution, specializing in business podcasts. They offer the option of having private podcasts for your company's employees.
  • Mumbler: free with manual distribution of the public feed. Specializing in subscription podcasts.
Herramientas para podcasters -

Podcast covers

The covers of our podcasts and episodes are becoming increasingly important. In podcast players, we are constantly competing with other podcasts, and your cover needs to look professional and grab attention. With these tools, it will be easier for you to stand out.


Here, we recommend this tool that will be very useful for testing the RSS feed of your podcast. It's like Lighthouse for your website. Warning: it's a bit technical but very useful.


The great challenge for many podcasts. We love producing podcasts, but we don't like selling ourselves. To help you with marketing, you have these tools.

  • PodlistPro: a page to promote your subscription podcast. You can add your podcast, and users can vote. The most voted podcasts are at the top of the page. 
  • Podchaser: Podcast directory.


This is a miscellaneous section with various tools that we couldn't group into other categories, but be aware that there are also very useful tools for podcasters here.


For monetizing your podcast, there's nothing better than creating your own premium podcast. Hundreds of podcasters worldwide are monetizing their audiences with a paid podcast.

If you want, now you can with Mumbler: the easiest way to launch your own subscription podcast..

That concludes this list of on tools for podcasters. tools and other useful resources for producing, editing, and marketing our podcasts.

Please, if you know of any other interesting tools, mention them in the comments, and we'll add them to the list.

Best regards!

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