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Use the email marketing tool to send segmented emails and keep your audience informed sending a newsletter.

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Emilio Cano en PodTalks

Mumbler is the best solution to create your private podcast because it gives subscribers a unique and private feed that they can listen to in any player.

Chus Naharro

I wanted to somehow validate that there were people willing to pay for my quality content. With Mumbler I was able to do it the easiest way.

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Monetize your content

On Mumbler you can sell content directly to your audience. Calculate how much you could generate with a premium podcast.

How much can I earn with my subscription podcast?

$ ggg per month


Mumbler is designed so that you can monetize your audience. But we know that it is interesting to share some of the content publicly. For this reason, at Mumbler we allow you to create 3 different types of episodes, which will have different visibility:

  • Private episodes:¬†only accessible to your subscribers.
  • Trailer episode:¬†featured on your podcast page on Mumbler so anyone can find out what your podcast is about and what to expect if they subscribe.
  • Public episodes:¬†they can be heard by any visitor to your page on Mumbler and in podcatchers where you add your public RSS feed.

Yes, there are no limits to the number of podcasts or audio series you can create within Mumbler. Creating a podcast on Mumbler is also free, so feel free to create as many podcasts and audio series as you like.

Contacts are the emails email addresses of your audience that you have in your database within Mumbler. 

These emails are added to your Mumbler database when: 

  1. You import them.
  2. A user purchases one of your contents.
  3. A user leaves their email address on your creator page. 

In the control panel of your account you will see the money that you have been accumulating. When you exceed the 50‚ā¨ acumulados, you can ask us to send you your money. To do this, you just have to click on the "Request payment" button and in a few days you will receive the money.¬†

The ‚ā¨50 limit is necessary to minimize the impact of money transfer fees. If the amount were less, we would have to increase the commission we apply to cover the higher commission for the transfer.

Mumbler earns money in two ways:

  1. With a commission of payments made. The commission is 20% + 30 cents per transaction in the free plan and 3% + 30 cents in paid plans. This commission includes all transaction costs: payment gateway commissions, international card commissions, commissions for retrying payment, commissions for changing the subscriber's card when it expires, the fight against fraud...
  2. Con nuestros planes de pago que te permiten acceder a funcionalidades avanzadas. 

audience and content are yours. So the answer is yes. You can take everything with you whenever you want. 

Creating a page that allows you to send newsletters and sell content requires advanced technical knowledge or a considerable investment in the development of a custom site.

Mumbler makes this process as simple as possible. With a few clicks and a couple of minutes, you can have your page running, no technical knowledge no headaches. This way you can focus on generating the best content for your audience.

On Mumbler we create two different RSS feeds for each content

  • A¬†public RSS¬†with the free episodes, which you can share on any podcatcher to gain more audience.
  • A¬†private RSS for each person who has paid for your content, containing the free and paid episodes. If a subscriber stops paying, Private RSS stops working.

Yes, your content hosting is included and you don't have to pay for it.


Open your creator page. It's free and you set up in less than a minute.