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Publishing your podcast is free, and always will be. We only earn money when you do. Our commission is 8% of what your subscribers pay. There is also a commission from our payment provider.

How much money can your podcast make?

$ 4,480
per month
  • Hosting for your podcast
  • Webpage for your podcast
  • High-quality audio
  • Statistics
  • Priority support
  • Payment processing


If I create a podcast on Mumbler, will all of my content be restricted subscribers?

Mumbler is designed so you can monetize your audience. But we know it is useful to share part of the content publicly. For this reason, on Mumbler, we allow you to create 3 different types of episodes which will have a different visibility:

  • Private episodes: only available to your subscribers.
  • Trailer episodes:highlighted on your podcast page on Mumbler so anyone can find out what your podcast is about and what to expect if they subscribe.
  • Public episodes:they can be listened to by any visitor to your page on Mumbler and on the podcatchers on which you add your public RSS.

To maintain the essence of Mumbler, which is focused on creating paid podcasts, only 50% of your episodes can be public. If you have already published 50% of public episodes, you will have to create a new private episode before uploading a public one.

Can I create various podcasts within the same Mumbler account?

Yes, there are no limits to the number of podcasts that you can create within Mumbler. The creation of a podcast on Mumbler is also free of charge, so feel free to create as many podcasts as you like.

How do I receive the money I earn with the subscribers of my podcast?

On your podcast’s control panel, you will see the money that you have built up thanks to the payments from your subscribers. When you have accumulated more than €50, you will be able to ask us to send your money. To do so, you just need to click on the “Request payment” button and you will receive your money in a few days. You can only make one payment request per month (for now).

The limit of €50 is necessary to minimize the impact of the money transfer fees. If the amount was lower, we would have to increase the commission that we apply to cover the transfer fee.

How does Mumbler earn money?

Mumbler keeps a small commission from all of the payments made by your subscribers. The total commission we apply is 20% and the breakdown is as follows:

  • 12% in payment costs: includes the payment gateway’s fee to charge subscribers, international card fees, collection reattempt charges, fees for changing a subscriber’s card when it expires, combating fraud…
  • 8% in commission by Mumbler: that we use to pay for the servers, improve the product, provide technical support, pay the team...

If I want to leave Mumbler someday, can I take my subscribers? What happens to the public feed?

The subscribers and content are yours. If, someday, you want to leave Mumbler, write to us at and we will coordinate the transfer of subscriber information with you and we will also set up a redirecting of your public feed so you don’t lose contact with them on the way.

Why use Mumbler instead of creating my own membership site on WordPress or any other system?

Creating a membership site for a paid podcast is no trivial task. It requires advanced technical knowledge or a considerable investment in the development of a bespoke site.

Mumbler simplifies the process of creating a private podcast to the maximum. In just a few clicks and a few minutes, you can have your podcast working, without technical knowledge or headaches. This way, you can focus on generating the best content for your audience.

How does the RSS work on Mumbler?

On Mumbler we generate two types of RSS for each podcast:

  • A public RSS with the free episodes that you can share on any podcatcher to gain a bigger audience.
  • A private RSS for each subscriber of your podcast which contains the free and paid episodes. If a subscriber stops paying, the private RSS stops working.


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